Maya Bath Steam Showers

Just when the thought of getting back to normal was the highlight of the conversation, everyone is now converting to the new routine and isolation due to COVID-19. As a result, the word ‘stress’ is becoming part of the “norm” for everyday conversation. Maya Bath products can help you feel like there is some normalcy in your life, and what is even better, these products are available for your home.


Why Maya Bath?



The valid question is, "Why not Maya Bath?" Maya Bath Products uses superior quality materials with unsurpassed artistry to produce products that last. Each unit is built to ensure that the breakdown risk is minimal so that you can enjoy it for years. There is also a stainless-steel profile for the frames and fixtures, adding firmness and durability. Standard with each unit is tempered safety glass with a 6 – 8mm thickness and acrylic material reinforced with fiberglass for maximum strength.



Reliability is a primary concern with each unit. Before the final packaging for shipment, each unit is tested for 30 minutes to ensure the product is ready for installation upon arrival to your home. Reliability key points include testing the door rollers to pass over 100,000 consecutive usages, anti-corrosion chrome plating for all fixtures, and a thermostatic valve with a ceramic core to help extend the lifespan.



Each steam shower has the standard Residual Current Device (RCD) to safeguard each user during operation. If a short circuit, lack of water, or overheating occur, the RCD instantly stops the electrical flow. With edge protection to reduce breakage, protection for overheating with steam generators to prevent burnout, and standard tempered safety glass are a few safety key points with Maya Bath Products.


Customer Service

Each team member is knowledgeable and dedicated to helping choose the best unit for your needs. The service and technical team are available to address any concerns during or after the unit's installation. The customer service team is available by phone, email, or chat on the website. Maya Bath Products team members are well trained. The products are well stocked and available for customers.


Value for Money

With no intermediary, Maya Bath Products can be shipped directly to you, providing optimal savings. The transparent pricing results in an outstanding product with no hidden fees or extras to pay, and the price you see on the website is the price you pay. Each unit is

bought directly from the supplier. If you purchase multiple units, you receive a discount, and discounts are available for seasonal sales.



Thanks to US-based designers, the attractive contemporary look provides the tastes and needs suitable for you. Some various sizes and features offer the latest trends to add that final style for your project. Remodeling your bathroom with trendy colors adds a luxury finish, and the natural wood tones for traditional bathrooms are the solution for your family's everyday use.



The progression of science and technology, such as touch-sensitive control panels with Bluetooth capability, is the first of its kind. Maya Bath Products are equipped with a patented steam outlet for aromatherapy oils for each unit. In short, each unit has the latest technology that matches its cutting-edge design, manufacturing techniques that produce excellent results, and improvements are constantly made to guarantee maximum reliability.


Easy Installation

With the ease of installation in mind, all Maya Bath units are designed for easy assembly to ensure the units are operational after installation. Each unit has a concise and comprehensive installation and user manual. If further help is needed, the technical team is available by phone. This structure comes easy with completion in less than a day with a straightforward assembly, a step-by-step installation detailed with a user manual with pre-installation support, and the ease for all products to fit through a standard doorway and upstairs.


Free Delivery

Did you read free delivery? That is correct. Free delivery is available with all products in the Maya Bath range within the US and Canada mainland. Within 48 hours of the order, all products are shipped, and because of the rigorous delivery process of extensive checks and packaging, all units will arrive safely. The good news is the price you see is what you pay. Delivery vehicles come with tail-lifts to assist with unloading, and the unit is encased in strong wooden crates to prevent damage.


Health Benefits

Creating water vapers with high humidity levels, a steam generator produces this heat and humidity that has a range of health benefits from stress relief to soothing sore and achy muscles. Steam therapy is believed to improve cognitive, physical, and emotional wellbeing according to many cultures.


Physical Health

When it comes to physical health, steam showers are good for heart health by increasing the heart rate giving the cardiovascular system a quick workout. It also increases your metabolism and improves respiratory health by alleviating conditions such as bronchial asthma and bronchitis. It has been proven that steam therapy helps with colds and headaches. Steam therapy is ideal for a post-workout session, relief from muscle pain and arthritis, and promoting sleep.


Emotional Health

Need a quick picker up? Try steam therapy to help soothe your mind. Think of steam therapy as a way to pamper yourself. This will help to restore your emotional balance. Taking care of your emotional health helps build resilience making you less vulnerable. Steam therapy helps improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. Stressed? Who has not been stressed these past two years? Using steam therapy is a natural way to help relieve stress. As stress build-up, it can impact how your brain handles complex cognitive tasks. Take a break and enjoy the many benefits steam therapy can offer.


Beauty Benefits

Would you like youthful-looking skin? Steam therapy natural progression for your skin to become beautiful, glowing, and radiant by removing toxins and enhancing circulation. Body wraps and steam sessions help to minimize cellulite. As your body temperature rises, your skin becomes flexible, elastic, and hydrated.


Whether you are relaxing, soothing your achy body, or boosting the health of your cardiovascular system, Maya Bath provides you with the product you need for steam therapy. There is nothing better than being able to perform steam therapy in the comfort of your home