Dundalk is a family-owned Canadian furniture manufacturer located in Melancthon (formerly Dundalk), Ontario, Dundalk that produces indoor and outdoor furniture. Some of the items they manufacture include tiki bars, gazebos, and outdoor saunas.

First, Dundalk created a piece of outdoor cedar furniture for our customers. When increased demands for our products occurred, Dundalk started adding new offerings. Our products are made from cedar, pine, and maple, so you can be sure you are receiving quality.

The growth of our company has been attributed to the service and quality Dundalk put into all our products. Our company services only to the trade market and you can find retailers throughout Europe, Canada, and the USA. As an eco-friendly company, Dundalk purchased wood from sustainable and replenishing mills.  

Dundalk listens to suggestions from dealers and have altered and changed many products based on public input. Our most favored products are our sauna range that has sold significantly worldwide.

Let us introduce a few of the highest quality cedar barrel saunas that Dundalk manufactures.


Dundalk Saunas

What people love most about Dundalk saunas is the easy assembly. Due to the current high demand, it takes us a little longer to produce them, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't order one. 

When you receive your Dundalk sauna, you get a prefabricated kit. This kit has homeowners in mind and is intuitively designed. A minimum of two people are needed to assemble a cedar hot tub or barrel sauna. It can be done within four to six hours and looks fantastic once completed.

All Dundalk products are made with natural Canadian wood, and the craftsmanship is second to none. Feel safe with a five-year warranty on all products that come out of our factory.

Clear Cedar Carrel Saunas

This model is made from a Western Red Cedar and is a beautiful addition to your backyard. Cedar is in high demand due to its dimensional stability, decay resistance, and durability. 

The porous cell structure is perfect as a sauna and provides breathability. Its design is lightweight, and it can easily be moved around by two or more people. This is essential in the sauna environment and further helps with increased durability.

At Dundalk Saunas, the clear cedar barrel sauna is one of our best sellers. Being made from cedar wood makes it one of the best-insulated saunas on the market.

Panoramic View Saunas

These are our premium range of saunas that come with an acrylic bubble back wall. That gives you an unobstructed view of your surroundings while enjoying the heat of the sauna. The unique panoramic barrel sauna is made from clear Western Red Cedar, which looks spectacular.

The users can view the mountain, lakes, or any available beauty wherever it is placed. Inside of these unique wellness saunas, you find a spacious area that caters to a relaxing feeling.

The Benefits of a Barrel Sauna

There are many great benefits you can receive from a barrel sauna. It usually is designed with a single layer of wood that would act as the exterior and interior surface. That means they don't have much insulation to help keep the new heat in and the old out. 

The barrel sauna solves these problems by effectively using the space correctly. It allows the area great convection while heating up evenly.

A barrel sauna has the perfect shape to make it as energy-efficient as possible. The design allows the sauna outside to remain cool to the touch, even at the top. You are hardly going to notice an effect on your utility bill with regular barrel sauna use.

Another great reason to invest in a barrel sauna is that it hardly requires any maintenance. It is mainly suited for outside as it naturally sheds water. The structural integrity of a Dundalk barrel saunas allows it to handle substantial weather conditions. 

What's great is that the western Canadian Red Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and water. There are ball and socket profiles used to create each barrel sauna, which allows the wood to move with temperature changes.

Dundalk doesn't use excess screws, nails, or bracing, so you can be sure the barrel sauna survives intense temperature fluctuations. It is perfectly designed to handle temperature changes as the wood stave contracts and expands within a steel band. Traditionally, it would need to fight against multiple fastened points. 

When purchasing a barrel sauna from Dundalk, you can be guaranteed a lifetime of use. 

Knotty Cedar Barrel Saunas

The Western Red Cedar and the Knotty Red Cedar are close relatives. That means that genetically speaking, they have similar qualities. However, the Western Red Cedar is a lot larger with fewer knots.

In addition, the Knotty Cedar Barrel Saunas are smaller, and the lumbar contain quite a lot of knots. It is loved by people who are looking for a conveniently sized sauna that is easy to assemble.

Cabin Sauna

We create some of the best barrel saunas on the market, but some cabin saunas are available. These are two of our best sellers and also the most convenient to place in your backyard.


Outdoor Luna Saunas

If you want a unique and modern sauna, the outdoor cedar sauna is for you. It can fit perfectly outside your home or cottage. The rounded corners do not provide added appeal but allow the outdoor luna sauna to work in small places.

It is perfect for someone who is looking to save some space in the backyard.


Outdoor Kota Saunas

This is the perfect Dundalk sauna for all-season use. It fits nicely in the backyard, chalet, or cottage. It is made from beautiful Western Red Cedar that gives it a gorgeous appeal. A great thing about these saunas is the terrific smell of the wood.


When buying a barrel sauna, it is crucial to consider the space required. If you have a flat surface outside, it can easily be assembled to fit the spot perfectly. Think about how great it is going to look in your backyard. 

You can have hours of relaxing time in your new energy-efficient barrel sauna. It is time to find out which one suits you best.